transient writer talk

1000 words, logged.  No more mocha, morning in decline.  Working at St. Francis from 12-5p.  Excited, as I need the money and writing material.  All works out.  Feel like I have nothing else in me to write.  Time, 10:16am.  Have to start getting ready at 11.  Again, reminded of Literary Lunches in Napa.  Miss it, and don’t.  Don’t know what I feel this morning.  Maybe I’m off from an actual night of regular sleep, last night.  On my second writing movie for morning.  All of these writers have something, at least one character chord, in common with me.

Should be busy today, last day of a holiday weekend..  So, hopefully that’ll help.  Hopefully I’ll get a tip or two.  Speaking of, have to count publishing stash upstairs.  The new one, that is.  The one I’m not touching.  No matter how dire my straits bubble.

Class starting in 2 days.  Can’t believe it.  All day tomorrow, has to be for project R.  Printing, copying.  So much on mind, maybe that’s making me, the returning professor, tired this morning, after a 4-shot mocha.  And there, again, I don’t feel like writing.  Want to be lazy.  Wish I could.  Not with a son…

Hope I can get some grape pics today, before they’re picked.  This harvest, vintage, mine.  Have to push through stalls, any & all, with that ideology.  There’s nothing strange about this, Mike.. this is what you do– WRITE.

Might stop by the store on way to winery, to pick up a legal pad.  Not sure why, won’t make me write any better, or faster.  If anything, it’ll perpetuate the habit of scatter.  So, there.  Decided.  No legal pad.  Just write in the comp book.  Someone wrote “WASH ME” on the rear window of my car, backwards so I’d see it prominently when looking into my rearview mirror.  “I know,” I this morning thought to myself, seeing the message on the way to get my morning manuscript mocha.  Whatever I want it to be, these diaries.  So, onward.  Maybe the wine world’s helping me more than I realize, with all its idiosyncrasies, contradictions and wage constrictions.  All for me, the page, I meditate in this morning meditation.  10:32am, head start on getting ready–

(9/3/12, Monday)