project R, 9 days till…

Now that the day’s errands have been satisfied, I’m with my new Composition Book, strictly for dedicated writing for project progression, the Plath entries, and my own questions, thought play.  Just writing whatever comes to head.  Certainly exploring the effect of Art on the Artist, mostly because of the quote I used in last night’s entry.  She needed her Craft, her moments.  And me, quite the same, but entirely different.  Feel I’m too strong to have the same ultimatum as Ms. Plath.  Neither there, here.. I write on.  Just brainstorming as I once urged my students.

Idea for Lecture — Images; what they do to us; what they say, independent of us; relationship between them, us; multiple meanings.. how do you know which one is “right?” I literally cannot stop writing.  Been writing quite a bit of poetry, as I’ve already disclosed, and occasionally posted here.  Means I’ve been changed by project R’s birth, approach.  And by little Kerouac, his optimism, constant smiling, chuckling, surveying gazes.  At a routine appointment today at the hospital, at which he landed, I was nervous, quiet, lightheaded, uncomfortable.  He, however, in his usual mode.  Looking around, making his discretely high-tones hums as if to say “interesting,” smiling, composed.  I need to mimic his character, as I think I’d benefit here on page.  Little London, as I don’t much anymore call him, continues to show the writer that he’s full of lessons, his own lectures.  Me, needing coffee or a nap, now.

Cup2, preparing for freewrite in Comp Book.  Objective: quite clear.. verses; songs, poems, lines, rhymes; whatever springs into head.  Need to do so to preserve, empower journalistic integrity.  Plath wrote, pg 166: “Writing on the side (she says ambitiously.) But to write you have to live, don’t you? Should I, then, get a job: in publishing company or factory or office?  After all, I should be able to observe life intelligently and intuitively, and experience in living is something I’ll never get in the idealized scholastic environment…” Like what she infers here, about not having to be in academia in order to be, I guess, “intellectual.” Or Literary, or insightful, reflective.  Her entries go on and on with varied introspection and consideration.  She literally addresses and directly tackles everything with which I’ve toiled and tussled as a diarist.  Her pages vitalize project R’s aggrandizing momentum, focus.

Time for pen, paper.  Jack plays just in front of me, on some jumping jungle-y gym-y thing… -y.  And speaking of the “-y” usage, that’s almost all I hear people use when in the tasting Room, trying to deconstruct a wine.  Which I think is great, and altogether Human, and fun, that they’re looking further into their sips.  Where I find it especially valuable and florescently amusing, when wine know-it-all’s [like the somm’ from the other week] from some obscure state use it, thinking it adds to a visible expertise.  Priceless for page.  Example?  One of my favorites: “tannin-y.” And, “alcohol-y.” Then, the overused words where the “y” doesn’t have to be hyphenated in.  Tangy, fruity, earthy, chewy, jammy.  Ugh, bores me just thinking about it.  Topic next, please.

10:18pm.  A movie I was watching again reminded me how short all this is.  Putting more pages into project.  Not project R.. another.  But, project R is on mind now, for some freewriting I’m about to taste.  Need to break this typing habit.  Just finished a glass of SB, moving on to the Carignane I last night opened.  Wonder what’s waiting for me, when I remove the cork.  Just poured into glass.  The color, seemingly darker than I remember, but I’m sure that’s just my slowed perception.  Or, it’s just wishful thinking, that I’ll find some new complexity or dimension the second night it’s open, some discovery.  And…  No.  In fact, the profile’s compromised.  A little licorice-y, or oxidized.

Scheduled for a run around the estate tomorrow morning, 9am.  Should have this be glass last.  Or not.  Breaking presence on keyboard, this device.  Off to scribble freely, read more of Ms. Plath’s pages.  Bona..



8/28/12.  Back in Room, tomorrow. Always write that on my “Sunday.” project R, nearly done.  8 days till.  Just have one final edit 2do, which I have penciled for Saturday night.  Trying not to over-plan Sat’s evening.  Have a meeting with a marketing lady after work, then home.  Thinking some Roberto’s, for thought, paired with one of my best Cabernets.  Has to be a Cab, that night.  Right now, sipping SB, partially oaked, the other metallic.  Nice balance, but I’d like a little more acidity in my bottle’s skip.  Nice run this morning, followed by a little verse writing.  And now I’m here, with my luminous pour, planning.  project R, literally days away.  And how does the writer feel?  Equal.  I finally experience Equilibrium.  Reading more Plath today…  She has me thinking about everything from time to ink on page [rather than typing, like I am now, especially for some banal blog], from death to dreams, to me vs. Me.  Have to think more about her crater in my core.  Everything from her I read, I’ve thought, especially in terms of writing.. the struggle it brings; making promises to Self with studies, ambitions.  She, certainly part of project R.  Most of it, surprisingly.

My glass, over there.  Too into the composition to drink wine.  OR not…

9:57pm. Last SB glass.  Tired, and not at all interested in typing.  Find this keyboard a drug of sorts, lately.  Want to be sober, just move a pen across paper.  Why can’t I do that?  Another sip, tropical.  Fresh, musical, refined, surprisingly vocal.  Can’t forget to take pictures of the Primitivo, tomorrow.  Is my camera charged?  More on mind that I need be.  Why am I so into this photography?  Maybe I’m like Ronnie Wood with painting.  Except he’s talented with moving a brush.  Me with a camera…  Not sure.

This Friday night, a French-themed dinner with the Madigans.  Mom, Dad, winemaker sis.  Need to bring a bottle.  Has to be imported.  Actually French.  Spotted a nice Côtes Du Rhône today at store.  Vintage, ’09.  Should just buy it, see what happens.  Should adopt that mentality more, just embracing possibilities of what could transpire.  Especially with the writing.  No time 2B delicate.  Started a Jack photo project, but have to power off, as batter bails on the writer.  Bona… [10:48pm]