Day over.  Night as well.  Poetry throughout day, having me feel more Artistic than I have in months.  And this ’08 Zin has me retyping everything.  A short entry, before I switch to berry-blended sparkling water.  Tomorrow, all to project R.  Almost too tired to finish this entry.  Haven’t had a pen touch paper all day.  Not Literary.  What am I doing still typing these keys like one of the box’s employees, like I still work there?  Clocking out…  Tomorrow, hoping I have a more balanced mocha than I did today.  Was disgusting, tasting like nonfat milk; Only got syrup sludge at end, completely missing the espresso throws.. This has to be the Zin talking.  Definitely in a writer’s best affairs to halt prose, rush to close.  But what if I don’t, what’ll happen?  I remember telling my students, “The onus is on you.” One of my students actually posted that quote on her web page, at one point.  Need to demonstrate more ownership over my onus.. transform this predictability into a journalistic mobility.  And I am.  I’m there.  Just waiting for harvest.  2012, my vintage–  When I come alive.  Playing with punctuation, delaying my fluctuation.  Sunriver, in thought.  This is definitely my Zin voice..

The wine industry.. Lately, we’re amicable.  But if I’m tested, even slightly, once more.. all’s released.  The manuscript I wrote, the notes I collected, on “the box,” aging.  When I do bottle that manuscript, the Ox’ll finally be released.  And this log’s closed.  By May 28th, 2013.  In the mood for something sweet.  Maybe one of those brownie bites in cupboard.  Would that keep me up, though?  Doesn’t matter.  No work 2morrow.  Well, that’s not true, actually.  project R has to be completed.  No fail.  If it’s not, I resign to habits old.  Change, now beckoned, far more than any occasion prior.