city sentence stretch

Last couple days’ entries, going to book.  Restart.. we can do that as Artists, Writers.  Last night’s Cabernet, already forgotten.  Nothing about it really did a palate display.  But it was open for two nights, twelve hours ago being the 2nd.  Should be busy in tasting Room today.  I’m stationed in Wine Club Room, with two others.  Shouldn’t be too bad, not that it really ever is.  Last night’s fiction, has me thinking of innumerable directions to take the pages, for Kelly.  Need more quiet, seclusion to think about it to any valuable beat.  Day hasn’t started, so I don’t have much a Literary load to disclose.

Jackie, quite vocal this morning.  Need a mocha, I’m thinking.  Right back, readers…  Winemaking in radar’s wraps…

7pm.  Home.  2011 Reserve Chardonnay, cheese & crackers.  Tonight, writing till I fall asleep on this couch.  All to bottledaux.  Uploading footage to other blog, as well.  Brand building.

8:40pm.  Jackie, just put down.  Writing whenever I can.  Now, with Racer 5.  Can only drink so much Chardonnay.  And, frankly, this writer’s more in a beer dip than wined slip.  Tomorrow, Friday, though Sunday.  project R, getting all this writer’s attention on my off days.  Tonight, throwing every thought I can at this blog.  Speaking of blogs, I thought it was reprehensibly unprofessional of that group of wine bloggers not to show, today.  This is precisely why I don’t want to solely be label a “wine blogger.” Still confused on what that title, however significant [mostly insignificant, self-tagged], entails.  Writers, we show when we want, yes.  But, if we say we’ll appear, and I’m speaking for Self here, we do.  I do.  Interesting character set all around, in day’s hours.  Tonight, thinking of scenes.  Ones designed for me, the obsessed writer.  Seriously, I couldn’t wait to come home, sit in chair, any chair in this condo, and just type.  Yes, I said TYPE.  I wanted to push keys–want to push them.  Not move pen.  More later, when I’m sipping sparkling berry water.  Only a couple beers planned.  Need to be late in awake state.  I’m forecasting well over a thousand words to this “blog,” tonight.  Want the world, especially this spineless wine world, its reptilian “industry,” to know what this rattling writer feels, sees.  Fangz…

Is this truly a restart, or more of the tape’s loop?  Kelly, on mind, from those pages I yesterday wrote.  She’s telling me to finish the novel, already.  …  Sipping this Racer 5, I’m thinking I need to be completely unfettered in these writings.  All of them.  I know, so many have advised I tone it down, or exercise discretion, or be more “professional” with my wine writings.  “Don’t burn bridges,” they’ve said.  “By what?” I’d like to know.  By thinking/speaking freely?  That’s how I’ve always communicated, Created, where I’m from–  The Literary world.  Was telling June yesterday, after work, while having a glass with coworkers at the counter, that the wine world and its industry is utterly hypocritical for the most part.  But not where I am now, there in Kenwood.  Finally found grounds that mutually abound in my manuscript mound.  Need to follow this, what I’m feeling, watching this writing movie on my Thursday night.

[8/18/12, Saturday]