My Friday night, sipping an ’08 Cabernet.  Not sure what to say.  Today, many lines from visitors.  Ready for bed.  Looking over the notes on the little pages; not wasting them here, on “blog.” The first chapbook, ready for release into readership wild.  Need another glass.  Maybe I’ll type another verse.  That’s all I could think of today, on my 1 tour to the mountain’s top.  Tomorrow morning, setting alarm for 5:15am.  Need be awake earlier than us’[ual].  3 songs a day, starting tomorrow.  Don’t want to be on that stage, for a reading, or concert, having material dry spells.

So, this Cabernet…  Somewhat what I envision in my future’d style.  But, I need a little more electricity.  This one, seems a bit sedated.  Oh, speaking of winemaking.. Kaz told me last night that we are 100% on for making our SB this vintage.  He told me at the end of his daughter’s wedding reception, after I approached him.  At such occasion, of course, I drank mostly beer.  But either way, I have 1 winemaking project LOCKED-in for this vintage.  Need to meet with the sis professor, see what we’ll be doing, if anything.  Why do I want to keep making wine?  To BE with wine, the varietals I love.  Not merely represent them, sell them [like those slimy swamp infections at the box].  I want to always be on the Artist’s side of this borderline.

In this last glass, I’m like a commuter with a FasTrak.  Scurry to the next day, with my morning mocha at my ink cannon’s right.  Still haven’t had my glass..  Just took my first sip, in a couple minutes.  Seems to be losing a bit of its spunk.  Need to visit St. Francis, either tomorrow or day next.  That Malbec, that Meritage.. calling.  But can’t spend money.  Not now.  Need my business in business flight patterns.  I would rather not be, than be one of those social fleas speaking of what they WOULD do if they’d done something prior, or embellishing in what they do; or just bolding lying.  I’ll soon be in my office, either on the Embarcadero or nearer by.  Writing way to seat with view.  Dismissing all critical you’s.