pictures plus prose

Too many similarities between writings recent, and mikeslognoblog posts from 2 years ago.  So, going deeper into current currents, to avoid repetition, too much thematic specificity consistency.  Can’t shake it, I was quite bothered.  Have to go deeper into THESE moments.  So, right now..  Came into kitchen, away from TV, that moronic “House Hunters” program, on whatever repetitious channel that is.  Actually, it makes me feel better, not so insecure about re-reciting mySelf.  Sipping what’s left of the 2008 Sonoma Coat Pinot, from last night.  Notes, even more musical in succession; hard2believe.  Alice prepared that Tortilla Casserole, Mom’s recipe.  Actually, I think it’s my Auntie Loy’s.  “Loy,” short for Loyola, Nana’s oldest, Dad’s big sis.  Did a tasting today of four 2011 Chardonnays, recently bottled.  Followed by a 2010 Barbera from tank.  Was in my complete winemaker analysis mode.  Not that it’s something to revere, or even acknowledge, but I was there, as winemaker/writer.  A winemaking writer.  Today, 2 mountaintop tours.  Group 1, 5 ppl; two, people I met at St. Francis on Monday, after the 30-person Syrah patio tasting; the other three, 3 generations of women from Monterey/Portalnd Oregon.  Grandma, residing on the Monterey Peninsula, then Mom and daughter [Laney] from the state above’s micro-brewing capital.  Group 2, two ladies, best friends, both retired elementary teachers from NC.  Actually, one was recently retired, an Art teacher of over 30 years, elementary level.  The other, soon to announce her retired segue, as soon as she returns.  Also at elementary level, but what her specialty was I can’t recall.  I blame this Pinot.

Looking at all these pictures I have on my phone.  They’re not bad, not in any way.  And photography is about the shot, as I understand it.  Not who has the most expensive equipment.  Charging the camera Mom and Dad bought me; thinking of bringing it to the Estate, morrow.  Want to roam around the Estate, just capture whatever my lens finds…  Legs, still aching from yesterday’s run.  Love the feeling, but need make it more habitual.

Started a winemaking document here, on the laptop monster.  First little annotation, about French Oak & Syrah.  Texted Katie earlier, and she said that the two compliment each other quite well.  She messaged me this after I asked her what she thought about the champion Rhône grape being aged in such a barrel.  And with the way 2012‘s weather’s progressing, I need to come up with enough money for my Sauv Blanc, will have to utilize all the note I’ve taken, will take till the fruit comes in.  Have to relax, just look at these accumulated pictures of my new bottled world, for the Bottled Ox.