wine sketchez

Ramey Wine Cellars – 2014 – Syrah – Sonoma Coast Laid-back Syrah…  Just what I needed after a long day.  Light, foggy, coastal fruit with that flirtatious ghostly edge.  Something you need to just speak to you with light blueberry and caramel carousels.  I sipped and just thought about the day, honestly, and I haveContinue reading “wine sketchez”

wine sketchez: Three Fat Guys Wines

Three Guys, Two Wines, One Obsessed New Fan Chardonnay.  Cabernet.  So how are you to be bedazzled or even a little taken by varietals that so many producers bottle?  Easy.  When they’re done to this stratospherically savory extent.  Before I get into the wines my and Three Fat Guys’ vin ami, Wes, sent me, youContinue reading “wine sketchez: Three Fat Guys Wines”

MOCK SOMM:  2012 Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Pastorale Vineyard

  Animated, brilliant, a subtext of a dominantly pervasive message of Burgundian woo.  Surprisingly dark, convincing but still gentle, convivial— a delicious Sonoma Coast dote.  I’d been meaning to open this bottle for a while, since I visited JPV at the Silverado Trail fort toward the end of Fall semester.  But last night it forcefully beckoned,Continue reading “MOCK SOMM:  2012 Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Pastorale Vineyard”

MOCK SOMM:  Another Chardonnay Reconsideration, 12/18/15

I’ve written before that Chardonnay and I have the more quirky and turbulent of communicative associations.  But with another unanticipated and sudden intersection, I find intrigue—  soft floral almond and pair ripples segueing to rich custard and banana, rich lemon meringue perambulation, with a luminary quake of a finish.  Surprising and educating, which I hopeContinue reading “MOCK SOMM:  Another Chardonnay Reconsideration, 12/18/15”

MOCK SOMM: Casual Vino-er Tonight

Can only write so much, I’m finding.  Behind on my daily NaNoWriMo contribution.  Over 200 words short.  I’ll make that up in the morrow, I’m hoping.  Had too much of the tortilla soup, so I’m uncomfortable, but I bought a ’13 Chalk Hill Pinot, Sonoma Coast to pair with.  Not at all disappointing…  In fact,Continue reading “MOCK SOMM: Casual Vino-er Tonight”

Done at Dawn [Harvest, 2012]

Vineyards are definitely different in the earliest of morning minutes.  Last year I was able to just walk around, after taking pictures for the winery.  I remember getting a little disoriented, then finding my way, wishing I had enough light to write.  But then I understood that writing wouldn’t be appropriate.. I should just enjoyContinue reading “Done at Dawn [Harvest, 2012]”

pleased, leave

Printing out yesterday’s four pages.  2208 words which do form a standalone stream of writing.  Is it my  best work?  Hard to say, as I don’t know what my “best” work would even be, now that I think about it.  8:23am, and no I’m not doing Starbucks this morning.  I won’t do it.  I’m refusing,Continue reading “pleased, leave”

pictures plus prose

Too many similarities between writings recent, and mikeslognoblog posts from 2 years ago.  So, going deeper into current currents, to avoid repetition, too much thematic specificity consistency.  Can’t shake it, I was quite bothered.  Have to go deeper into THESE moments.  So, right now..  Came into kitchen, away from TV, that moronic “House Hunters” program,Continue reading “pictures plus prose”

Trois Track — PennedPinot

Only Sonoma Coast/Sonoma County could, can, produce a Pinot with this type of  delightful disruption.  Imagining mySelf again in that hotel Room, looking over unfamiliar streets, an overnight for my writing.  Would it be a novel, the one I finally write about her?  Maybe.  Either way, wines like this send me places, to conscious dreams. Continue reading “Trois Track — PennedPinot”