MOCK SOMM:  Another Chardonnay Reconsideration, 12/18/15

I’ve written before that Chardonnay and I have the more quirky and turbulent of communicative associations.  But with another unanticipated and sudden intersection, I find intrigue—  soft floral almond and pair ripples segueing to rich custard and banana, rich lemon meringue img_0157-1perambulation, with a luminary quake of a finish.  Surprising and educating, which I hope for from any wine, frankly.  This was a gift from an industry associate, and I study it more and more as I glass-tilt— Literary qualities and voices giving way to sagacious steps, the wine proving its cognitive quality to me—

Tell me to execute more mind of open shape— stop and sip, think sans blink—

In this seat, at this sitting, the Chardonnay from the Coast, and wherever in the county writes for me, has me in a humble kerfuffle, atop amorous accolade, I try delaying sip next, but the glass at me stares, commands, commends and convinces.