MOCK SOMM: Casual Vino-er Tonight

Can only write so much, I’m finding.  Behind on my daily NaNoWriMo contribution.  Over 200 words short.  I’ll make that up in the morrow, I’m hoping.  Had too much of the tortilla soup, so I’m uncomfortable, but I bought a ’13 Chalk Hill Pinot, Sonoma Coast to pair with.  Not at all disappointing…  In fact, much more energetic and prominent than I expected for a Sonoma Coast.  I’ll have one more glass before bed.  Maybe that will push me over 1,786.  My daily aim.  And if not, I’ll make up the balance in the early day, tomorrow.

If I had to score this wine, I guess it’d be somewhere around 90, or 91.  It’s nice, but nothing too commanding or innovative or moving about its general consistency.  To me, anyway.  But what do I know.  I’m not a wine critic, or judge, certainly no expert.  I just write about it and disclose what I’m sipping every now and again.

Wine should bring with it humility, and inspire sippers to be more humble, more human and gentle in their presence and way.  Want to write more about wine but I can’t now, tired and uncomfortable, like after Thanksgiving dinners, sittings with family where you have that stuffing again, again…

So this last glass, bottle open for well over 3 hours.. will be interesting to see how the texture has morphed and repositioned itself.  Tired from day.. lecturing the two 1A’s..  But I’m too tired to now really revel in my wave of reading and interpretation.  Watching some numb and numbing reality TV show, what’s left of the program my wife start but’s still on.


I’ll focus on this Pinot, what I just sipped, last from glass, and yes much more color and affection from the wine’s nucleus and expressive turns.  The character now, what I just sipped, what I look for in all wine– dynamism, a quaint cubist recline, sipped ballad strut.  So, score changed–  And to be frank, I don’t want to be one of those wine writers with their silly scores and closed-door attitudes.  This ’13 Chalk Hill Pinot’s one that I’ll again visit, and be in better position for reaction and reflection, more glassed introspection.