First of year new.

And my first thought, “So what?” Opened the Merlot I bought from St. Francis the other day, looking at the color and pairing it–if you could call it a “pairing”–with the pulled pork from last night. The year, bold and unapologetic. Wilder than wild… tonight I do intend to have a bit more wine andContinue reading “First of year new.”

Creative Positivism, 14 — Vino Freedom

A vineyard walk often solves everything.  Shows you everything.  Gives you everything. Easy to understand, as the vineyard IS everything. At least today. So I’m going out there. To walk the blocks. Smile with leaves and grape clusters, saunter in colorful soil texture. Wine speaks to me, as a consumer and just lover of theContinue reading “Creative Positivism, 14 — Vino Freedom”

The wine tonight, amazingly arranged jazzy synchrony and tasty tremolo, varying shades.  So convincing and animated, diverse and dimensional from palate’s spark to stop.  Deliciously dactylic, this Cab’s a poet with no fear of reading, narrating, reciting ruth of where its from and what it wants from its audience.  Sipping it, I feel caught andContinue reading

Some Words that Personify Wine…. (draft)

meditative:  when the wine makes you think; you think, and it’s more than likely thinking about you as you think about it; a tangled meditative momentum.  This is when you know a wine’s good. narrative:  the wine tells you a story, about where it’s from, how it was made, the unique interpretation of the varietalContinue reading “Some Words that Personify Wine…. (draft)”


Should title today “Re-Wined”.  As more and more I’m seeing need and obviation of me in wine’s world, make it and everything about it my own, and more Literary, or for me, and the consumers that see and sip wine as I do.  Nothing pretentious or competitive, or cunning or underhanded about it.  Going toContinue reading “28”


quick sips 2012 – Balletto Vineyards & Winery – Sexton Hill – Chardonnay – Russian River Valley More charm than you get from most Chardonnays, and I’m biased, I’ll concede.  I love Balletto, and all my experiences there have been resounding and inspiring as a wine writer.  But this Chardonnay, just considered objectively, says somethingContinue reading “MOCK SOMM”

Project A

Alice out running an errand, giving me a bit of time to collect while my little Emma-saur’ upstairs sleeps. Smooth drop-off for little Kerouac, bag packed for workday, easily over a thousand words.. should start drafting writing schedule, just one BIG thing a day if I can. Balanced all my budgets, and I’m probably inContinue reading “Project A”

a writer:  post 15

Everyone says I shouldn’t make my own wine— “Well, you shouldn’t just make wine so you can write about it,” one person said.  I should have asked “why not” but didn’t.  I don’t need an answer to the ‘why not’.  I don’t entertain the ‘why not’.  Next vintage it happens, my barrel of Merlot.  ButContinue reading “a writer:  post 15”

Hopper Page

Finally stationed, taking forever to get my quad and digging very much into writing time.  But I’m writing not having taken the first sip just yet and on the way to Sanglier’s Room– a day of not just those wild wine writings I’m known to note, but as well for, or more for, Wild WritingContinue reading “Hopper Page”

And the…

Thoughts on the drive home involved not wine but teaching, and how today’s session at Solano (where the dean FINALLY showed to “eval’” me as he said, and as supposed to a month ago) was one of my best ever for that class this term, and the Mendo session on the first draft of theirContinue reading “And the…”