Some Words that Personify Wine…. (draft)

img_1044meditative:  when the wine makes you think; you think, and it’s more than likely thinking about you as you think about it; a tangled meditative momentum.  This is when you know a wine’s good.

narrative:  the wine tells you a story, about where it’s from, how it was made, the unique interpretation of the varietal or varietal components if it’s a blend; it tells you something, a story and a truthful one at that.

tenacious:  this wine will do anything to get you to notice it and appreciate its over musical qualities and flavorous touches, and it knows it will succeed in such.  It won’t stop.

elucidative:  it makes something clear, this wine, and in that something being clear you have a deeper appreciation for what you’re sipping and wine universally.

snarky:  the wine has an attitude; you’re not sure if you like it or not, but you’re intrigued, and keep sipping, till it gets you to like it (see ‘tenacious’).

dizzying:  this can be a pro or con to what you sip, there’s just a lot happening to your senses and on your palate.  Again, could be favorable or a demerit for the wine.

collective:  usually used to describe blends, but the many voices you taste in the wine come together in a unusually melodious way; very much a display of winemaker talent and overall prowess.

when a wine has brio:  it’s confident, but not overly so; its confidence is very much warranted and often dominantly understood by those who sip it (often used to describe reds, but some whites could provoke this usage).

investigative:  the wine wants to get to know you and it will search your senses till it connects, but it does so slowly and with a clever and acutely applied energy.

aloft:  the wine’s flavors just fly at you and all about your receptors, truly beautiful to taste.