And the…

Thoughts on the drive home involved not wine but teaching, and how today’s session at Solano (where the dean FINALLY showed to “eval’” me as he said, and as supposed to a month ago) was one of my best ever for that class this term, and the Mendo session on the first draft of their final paper was equally as energized and on-target.. I think about teaching, and now read teaching blogs and education blogs, and the though of educating not only other people but more myself on what I want, what I want to be specifically and how to arrive there with smooth landing.

Going back to reading, researching these blogs by lifelong educators, and the interactions with students.  And no wine at side, but mint chip ice cream, now finished, and onto sparkling lemon water, hoping to wake early tomorrow morning, and write three standalone pieces, all 500-550 words; two on wine, other on my relationship with Jack and how he teaches me more about myself than anything I can set out to do concerning self-education or enrichment..

NOTE: article on wine, then one on thesis writing (lecture for students), then parenting piece..

Too tired to write but I’m here at my desk.. irony.  OR is that contradiction?  Never much understood irony if you want to know a truth, small, about me.

Wrote note in Comp Book: “Writing as a social existence, not just an isolationist one.” This of course links with my focus of focuses, wine.  And I’m pleased I didn’t open anything tonight, as it’ll build for the eagerness tow rite about whatever I open tomorrow night.  AND, I need an early early session tomorrow, even though every attempt thus far has failed.  But I’ll see.  Maybe tomorrow…..  wine education should be person and never institutionalizing.