Some Intent

Daylight savings, Fall back.  Did I lose or gain an hour of sleep?  Can’t tell.. Jack and I up watching Arthur me on my last or rather second, not necessarily last, cup of the med roast.  Not writing much anywhere else but NaNoWriMo effort.  Starting today, 11/1.. 50k words by, and RELEASED, 11/30.  And I won’t fail– and frankly, I can’t.  This isn’t the poetry deadline (which I’m extending 2 weeks)–  Running today, hopefully, just a couple miles, to get back into the serious swing of all things healthy and fitness, Zen and Wellness.

Last night’s Cabernet still in my head.. did my sister do anything, any trick, to have the wine be so dark and vampiric?  I’m already writing too much.. stopping, into the new novel, into the day, into a run, more coffee–