cover written

Still tired from yesterday.  And today, was in wine club room.  Nothing too frenzied, though.  Do have notes in little pages, but saving them for book.  Met another Artist today, completely to my surprise.  I told her I was a writer, then she quickly, with her honey-honed humble smile, told me she was a singer/songwriter.  She went out to her car, to get a CD while her husband paid for their tasting.  Usually when this happens, I don’t listen to a single track.  I know, that’s wrong.  But this time I did.  The ENTIRE CD.  A full album, mind we.  I LOVE her soft-spoken tenor, progression through message, musical support.  Not too loud, and not in any way gutless; an admirable balance of fortitude and vulnerability, much like one of the wines I poured for them.  Easily the highlight of my day.  And now, here in my Creative cavern, writing only in verse, with exception of a brief break to log these reactive–or maybe reflective, or both–fibrillations.  I can only thank–no, PRAISE–her.  Thanks, Risa…

Wines from last night that stood out…  That Malbec, the Super Tuscan.  And a Zin, believe it or not.  As I age, I’m more and more annoyed with Zinfandel, its jammy joker of a palate jig.  “Rear Window,” Hitchcock, the featured lawn film.  Wish I could write a script like that.  But, again, don’t think I’m that type of writer.  And, I don’t have time to play with screenplays, or stage scripts.  I have a son who needs a strong, PAID, Artistic father.  Not one who fails to earn while sacrificing minutes.  So, when I’m on the Road, soon, it’ll be for manuscript generation’s sake.

Right now, sipping a Merlot blend.  Much better than my last visit to this ’09 bottle.  It continues to enhance itSelf in posture, palate presence, anomalously.  What I love about wine, one aspect anyway.. its Autonomy, its growth, vigilance.  I’m learning from the wine I’m sipping, not necessarily the winemaker credited with its crafting.  But, with my writings, 2nite especially, feeling especially separatist.  Not aiming to be a friendly poet.  Just want 2B honest, as my Dad has always suggested.  Tonight, definitely, nonconformity in me.  sipNscribble