junglez re-sigh-tid

Inspiration, steps in veraison.  Thoughts caught, thin

cessation.  Incoming shark fin invasion.

Carbonic maceration; scar sonic, tax pervasion.

Selection, only hoped-for perfection.  Noise

deadened, confidence lessened in lesson.

Approach the gray, note delayed; my throat,

concave.  Sky low, on sleigh.  Cage, behave on

stage; don’t speak true mind.  I won’t leak

new finds.  Repeat new lines from Cabernet’s

packaged ways.  Grizzly bear, simply snared.

Impaired; why the poems I blared, after

glass 5.  Tolerance, past mine.  Hit by billy club

in silly pub.  Heat seek missile, for 2 weeks speak

little.  Self-control, fitting in a thimble.  Never a

chemical industry extending it grips into me.

And no more coffee, it makes me write sore, sloppy.

Now and later, drown all fakers.  Promise all

critics, artists artificial will fizzle.  Of late,

my name is hiatus.  Why wait?  Just act.  Move

4ward.  Opposite of retract.  Frustrated, time

eroding; Change my scene.  The dust faded,

line is showing.  Tame the dreams.  Unconventional

leak.  Escape, return never.  New slate, soon burned,

fettered.  Forced to write another letter.  In words, hide my hide.