journal gust, 62512

9:51am.  Wrote quite a few spoken rimed lines this morning, while spending time with little Kerouac.  Just waiting for him to wake, so I can get a couple things done.  Have to fit that run in today, at some point.  Also want to take some pictures, Russian River area, or northern Santa Rosa.  Have a meeting up there later, with a fellow wine blogger.  Still thinking about last night’s SB.  Where I’d like to sip it, abroad, or whites like it, while writing…  Spain, Ibiza, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Miami.  Wherever it’s hot, and there’s water out at which I can just irresponsibly stare.  If time is just going to forward unconcerned with damage it inflicts, then I don’t want to be aware of it.  So I’ll stare at the waves.  Sip and scribble.

5:59pm.  Learned more than I was expecting from fellow wine nomad Ed, when I visited him at his office.  So many folds, dimensions, angles to wine’s business.  The licensing, though, what forces a balk from this Artist.  Do I want to spend the time getting however many I need?  I’m an Artist, my urge is to Create, be in moments‘ moments.  One of the things about Self I like most, and I don’t want it even minimally compromised.  Well, not something I need to entertain right now, as I haven’t the fees anyhow.  Need to generate immediate revenue.  Pages.  The chapbooks.  Musical angle.  I don’t need some ridiculous permit, a “seller’s permit,” to sell my own writing, MY Art, do I?  At my age, I need 2B true to Self.  So, first, following with the Writing, the photos on the other blog.  Then, we’ll see what.

No mocha this morning.  BUT, did have one in the last hour.  Bought Alice one of her “passion iced teas,” think that’s what they’re called.  And me, a mocha.  Took my sip first at 5:02pm.  Still feels its dark winds.  Love.  This post, the last for day.  Going to move fingers across keys for paragraphs that’ll pay.  Tonight, I’m thinking beer.  No wine.  Well, what’s left of last night’s SB, in fridge, I might “revisit.” Comp Book, right at my 12.. check.  Pens, over there [right side of desk].. check.  Time for song, time to write.. Time to Create, to be me.  No licensing fee.

Another thing that Ed showed me that I thought was quite enlightening, was where the labels were made, how as well.  Wine bottles’ labels have always sent me into thought.  Not every one that I see, but some.  Just something about that cover, like a book.  I want to taste, read with palate, what’s in its borders.  Need music.. Wine Bar beats.  Comp Book open.  Away go I, to fly.  Bye.