Friday.  No lunch today.  So took home a burrito from the place just down the block.  Tonight, attention to blog detail.  Nice beer tasted at work, after work.  Tonight’s mission: WINEMAKING RESEARCH.  Everything I can find.  Going to bring that little black journal from upstairs, down here, to my couched station.  Maybe I should work upstairs, though.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do.  Hoping to take a couple pages of notes; Then, write some verses, listen to my newly bought tracks.  Hungry, have to return to burrito.  Wonder if this’ll pair with that Woodenhead Carignane…  Or should I pull one of my Cabs from the little fridge.  Tonight, I’m deliberately planning to sip plentifully.  Remember thinking this in the cave today.  My writing, lately, I’ve found a bit dull, reserved, heavily sedated with predictability’s promise.  So, I need to be out of shell while still sitting in its fits.  [7:50pm]

Going upstairs.  No movies.  Only music.  What wine’ll pair most theatrically with the albums for me bound?  Definitely need more wine, that Carignane.  My lines are like soiled shellfish.  Need beats that kidnap me from normality.  Thinking maybe I might attack my friend’s Cab Franc, the 2010.  He’s a burgeoning winemaker.  Like me, but with more formalized, organized education.  But, even still, I want to, need to taste his inaugural bottle.  Hopefully it’ll give me a diamond well idea.  That’s what I need, I realized, talking to the couple on my only tour today about the Facebook purchase of Instagram.

First sip of the CF, it needs a little opening.  Staying downstairs, with all this clutter, my items.  Turning off TV.  This Cab Franc, telling me to relax with winemaking and writing efforts.  Be more fundamental.  Don’t attempt invent.  Just be, in your Creative keys.  Keep getting distracted.  No more snailing.  Need continue as the rattlesnake I’m known.  This Cab Franc, close to Earth with its herbal scratch, terrestrially tamed palate patch.  As a writer, this is the type of wine I’d be fine to design.  Not sure I’ll make it to my 128 roadside ink session tomorrow, if this author keeps Self in tipped sip.  MY winemaking research, other than this bottle, may have to wait.  As I need to keep writing.  And the other blog, the one with photos, video… on perpetual pause.  My law, one of scribed awe, aux.

My only tour today, the soon-2B-wed couple from AZ, soon moving to NC.  Surely  schooled in wine’s incline.  Engaged in moment, perfect welcome on this page.  Whenever I meet enthusiastic sippers, I’m ever more convinced I need to, EVERY VINTAGE, produce.  Would rather do it with sis, or brother Kaz.  But if I can’t, I’ll find ways to do it on own.  Like David the other day stated: “It’s a lifestyle choice.” Inarguably it is; One of utter, unfettered Artistry.  Getting another bottle of this Cabernet Franc, starting my research.  What should I tackle?  Well first, I should stomp upstairs to somehow find my winemaking “little night log.” I say “night,” corresponding its deeply dark shade delve.  Going to look for footage online.  Production, harvest, tasting; Cabernet, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc–  What’s on the whoso cellars tasting menu.  My varietals.

(5/25/12, Friday)