Pan Right

4/29 – Grape grips, in this early hour.  1 more glass after this.  Then, done.  Tomorrow morning, COFFEE, the French I stocked from Stacey.  And, I need a 128 roadside session.

9:02am.  Didn’t wake in time for 128 writing.  BUT, I did just discover 96 PAGES (!!!) of writing about which I all but forgot.  The doc is titled “BOOK1,” here on the desktop.  Don’t have time to read through it, thoroughly.  Just did a quick skim, and quite liked what I read, surprisingly.  Can’t wait to see little Jack tonight, his mom, and then read through this forgotten book.  Still warring with Self over what to do with biz stash.  Do I want to make wine, or publish a book.  Answer obvious, as writing wins over wine, every time.  But I still want to meet with Kaz on Thursday, to see what possibilities exist for me as a winemaker.  [Just cringed a bit, re-reading this paragraph, seeing mySelf referred to a winemaker, not solely “writer.” Funny…]  Somebody asked me yesterday if I was the winemaker, on the tour with the man that tipped me $80.  Actually, it WAS that man who asked.  Huh…

10:23pm.  Tomorrow morning, rising at 5:15am.  “I’m up before the sunrise, first to hit the block,” as 2Pac said.  Want 1000 words written, for BOOK, before I leave for AV.  So glad little Jackie’s back, his mom.  Or do I want to write for the blog?  No, that’d be typing.  Maybe I should have a straight Comp Book session.  All poetry.  Speaking of, need to buy some new songs I heard today in the AV tasting Room.  “Smooth French Café,” I think the playlist, or Pandora station’s called.  Has tracks that I hear in my envisaged Wine Bar.  Tomorrow morning, early, I need to have a session that trumps all before it coming.  Need to make more coffee than I probably need.

Tomorrow morning, it’s commissioned..  All verse; music; rhyme.  The prose, anymore, tires even me.  Yes, I love journaling, logging my day, recording Now’s.  But, I need music, song in step.  Still dream of crowds, no lie.  My little notepad, after today’s AV hours, full.  One note:  “Flashing green light at 3rd & Brookwood”.  Thought it could be a sign, of some kind.  Now I’m sure.  It was telling me I always have “green light” to write how I like, what I feel right.

10:44pm.  Still not sure if I should go forward with the purchase of SB grapes.  But, if I don’t do it now, I may lose my chance to make wine, indefinitely.  And, as I wrote in the little book today, asking Self again, “What would I rather do, make wine or publish a book?” And, in terms of owning my own operation, I’m positive that writing will get me to what I see faster than any wine effort, anything in a bottle.  That I know.  And, around here, it seems like everyone makes wine.  But not many write, or least write seriously.  I don’t know many writers, to be honest.  In fact, I can’t think of ONE right now.  Certainly not one SERIOUS.

Random topic switch: watching a show where it took a lady two weeks to finish a song.  Two weeks?  More than too long, for me.  In two weeks, actually less, TS had an album finished, in addition to some songs that would later be released as “unreleased’s”.  And I don’t want to even guess what Lil Wayne could produce in 14 days.  Me, in the same speed category.  And that’s how I want to be remembered.  And that’s one of the realities that keeps me from diving into winemaking.  It’s an art form that simply takes too long.