4/28/12: bottled return2WINE

Clocking in, 8:25p.  Twenty-five minutes after my desired landing.  Just finished dinner.  A carne asada/sautéed mushroom quesadilla, paired with a Racer 5.  Like I told Beth today, “I’m a little wined-out.” Received $100 in tips today.  By FAR, the most I’ve ever earned in “the industry.” So where’s it all going?  Into the biz stash, the one I can use.  Tonight, upgrading Pandora.  Also, buying some new music for sessions.  Just downloaded the pictures I’ll use for tonight’s postings.  And for the one project I want to finish, not sure how it’ll play out.  Thought to Self, “I’ll post 3 times to each blog.” But I’m wondering, what will that do?  I’m also thinking, “2Pac never had a blog.  Capote, Plath, Joyce, Poe.” So I then reason, as I have so many times prior to this paragraph, once to each “blog.” Then all to paper.  That’s real writing, what’s meant for a book, an actual page, not a screen, a click, a site.

Sipping the Racer, I think I need a writing movie.  I’m also thinking, since I’ve been on such a wine tasting run, I should return to last night’s ’09, of which I only had one glass.  Maybe one-and-a-half.  After close to 24 hours of exposure to Room atmosphere, cork removal, it’ll taste better, more coherent, I’m certain.  Today, scheduled a meeting with Kaz, finally.  For this Thursday, 5/3, 11am.  Talking to him, tentatively, about a Sauv Blanc project.  See how it goes.  May have to use some of that upstairs rubber banded bills accumulation for a fruit purchase.  Excited, honestly, as winemaking’s all I’ve been thinking about lately.  And to couple that lifelong stroll, a winemaker’s trail, with writing, to journal it…  Who else is doing that?  What other winemaker’s a Writer first, winemaker second, and making quality wine?  That’s me.  That’s where I enter.  Even my sister can’t claim that.  Nor Kaz (even though my brother is tremendously artistic, with his photographic prowess, present and past).

Need to find my Comp Book, count the stash, buy music…  Time, 9:06pm.  Hope I have enough time tonight.  Was moving a little slow this morning, from all the wine last night.  Not letting same happen tonight, tomorrow.  So, the writer’s sipping slow.  Every time Tupac’s mentioned on TV, in some documentary fashion, there’s always this handwritten font, expressing the significance of putting ink on paper sheets; songwriting, poetry purism; like that’s what epitomizes him, what he represents, which is completely TRUE.  I want to be known for the exact same.  A pen.  INK.  Not pushing keys, some ridiculous blog site.  Just a random thought I had to record, now, typing keys on this little monster laptop, for my blog.

9:10pm.  Stash and Comp Book down here with me.  Have to say, I’m somewhat proud of all this cash I’ve managed to save.  Want to put it into a formation that will generate more revenue.  Little Jack’s depending on me, so I need to make sure no mistakes are made.  Should I buy a ton of SB?  Have to start somewhere, right?  This writing, entailing no overhead.  At least my approach.  I’m an Artist, free from currency’s contingencies.  But if I want to Self-publish…  Is the Wine more important than the writing?  Never.  Now I don’t know what to do.  Maybe this blog, and others, could be more useful than I earlier estimated.  But that confronts, DIRECTLY, my faith in paper over screen, site.  Need to think, write my way through this, yet another, stall.  Where’s that ’09…?