both SIDES of BAR

11:05pm.  Still 4/23.  Watching news, ready for bed.  Both blogs updated.  Think I’m closer to solving the equation.  Need a due date.  How about 5/29…

4/24.  7:52am.  Getty ready.  Need today to be an extraordinary day in solving the Equation.  One approach, bring my camera everywhere.  Just charged it last night.  In order for these blogs to generate some income, photography has to be a crucial component to my services, along with familiarity with photography, design, etc.  May have a site built for, as it now only redirects you to mikeslognoblog.  I’ll think about it.

Camera in bag.  Better go get my coffee, and get to AV.  Something liberating, headed towards me, thankfully.  Finally.  Thinking the rest of bottledaux will be to journal my trek to Autonomy.  It has to be, I’m thinking currently.

9:32pm.  3 tours today.  Tonight’s wine, not specified.  It’s red, from somewhere in Sonoma’s County borders.  With solving the Equation, I know I have to keep with what I’ve been doing.  Writing from heart, trusting it.  Can’t wait for recital.  On a stage.  The travel.  Meeting up with my sister on the road.  Somewhere.  Right now, I believe my winemaking professor’s in Dallas.  Speaking of the winemaking sibling, I did some winemaking research of my own today, between appointments.  French Oak vs. American Oak.  But one thing I failed to investigate, was the different Sauvignon Blanc clones.  Pushing the engines’ levers forward, angrily, on the winemaking vessel.  My inspiration, besides my sister, and MY love of wine: people talking about wine like they know everything about every varietal; how to produce them, how to pair them, what their inherent characteristics are; like they know MORE than winemakers.  Those who can not do…  Me, I’m doing.  NO, I’ve done, with MKCS11, Katie’s and my Russian River Cabernet.  Will continue to do.  Still haven’t contacted Kazzy.  Will tomorrow.  Or tonight, in email.  Aside from all promises and analysis of hypotheticals, I’m one preferring to make Art rather than spend my life selling, judging, working around/with and/or discussing it.

Still haven’t purchased my Syrah.  But that’s okay.  Starting with the first wine on the whoso tasting sheet [SauvB].  Wondering how much oak I want on it.  And yes, it would French Oak.  Thinking maybe half two-years-used, the other new.  Want it to have that fluid mouthfeel/mid that makes it food versatile as well as a before-dinner sipper.  So the acidity has to be enviably tamed; Artistic in its own measure.  Although, I have had a couple 100% stainless SB’s that have made me a believer of the “poolside- white”-style Bordeaux.  Just poured my nightcap, so I’m in a wine mind like I am rarely.

Didn’t get the pics of bud break today like I wanted.  Tomorrow morning, right when I get to work.  Thought today about buying a $750+ camera.  But for what?  Not now.  When the blogs start generating revenue, that’ll be one of my first expenses.  For now, going to work with the equipment I have.  If anything, that’ll ballyhoo my strengths, CONFIDENCE, as a photographing Artist more than a fancy camera that merely garnishes any button push I make with some florescent graphics, or pricey superfluities.  And I’m not a photographer, anyway.  At all.


One loving wine, theologically.

Getting ready for sleep, sipping faster for my dreams.  In my search for some wine-oriented adventure, I think of sea, sailing.  But this recent crash in the Farallons has me thinking distance from uncontrollable waves would be more optimal for the writer.  Thinking of reactions from guests today, as they tasted.  Especially the Georgia 4, after 4pm.  They were a half-hour late.  Actually more.  But great company to wrap the day.  Can only image what I’ll encounter in my tasting Room, pouring whoso wines.