4/23.  Time, flying past me quicker than I catch it.  Been writing essentially nothing but notes in the little notepad I carry in my back pocket.  Going to rack what’s in there into the current book project, if it’s a “project” yet.  Met incredible people in the Lancaster tasting Room over the last couple days.  These have to be the most enjoyable, wine-loving, Human guests that I’ve hosted since coming aboard in late Feb.  The cave, of late, helping my pages, urging me to expand on ideas that I view as just passing fascinations.  The cave also urges I capture everything right when it hits, to stop and scribble in the little pages.  So I did, and now have too much.  Well, not TOO much, but a larger amount than I expected to rack.

Woke this morning thinking about writing.  Probably from a dream I can’t recall, I found mySelf repeating, while awake and perceptive, “by-the-way writing.” I made mySelf write it down, which is something I’m rarely compelled to do either just after waking or before going back to sleep for a bit, which I did.  So I finally rose this morning, looking at the note.  “by-the-way writing,” as if its own genre, flavor, manuscript category.  What does this type, or writing varietal, entail?  It’s an interesting experience having trouble translating something I thought, wrote, found mySelf saying.  “By the way” is usually used to add onto something already said…  Going to have to think about this equation.

Which brings me to one of the notes I made yesterday between tours.  I jotted: “The solution, right on tongue’s tip…to start my own business, that is.  Problem, crossing line, into Autonomy, Self-employment; Solution: ??!!  It’s right THERE, I’m realizing after on of the 4 guests, woman from Canada, told me how ‘mike’s hard lemonade’ got started./  -This is a math equation, this predicament, this stall, holding pattern…  A word problem.  And I can see the ‘answer.’ I just don’t know how to translate.” Never was good at math, any good.  With word problems–hit, then miss, another miss, then maybe hit.  Followed by a miss hive.  Have to have this solved, though.  That I know.  Was thinking this morning, away from page, that the “answer” is ME.  Mike Madigan, as a brand, as Rex Pickett urged in an email he sent me a few months ago.  These blogs, books, serve as my releases, just like a winery.  Think I may be getting close.  How much more mocha do I have?  Need a sip…  Another…

11:10am.  On the wine front, I AM buying a Syrah tonight.  Why am I so insistent with this varietal?  It’s a best-of-both-worlds varietal, I feel.  Voluptuous, expansive mid-palate with bold fruit, coupled with subdued sexy swagger in its character composition.  And with my wine, in its barrel, somewhere up there in St. Francis’ production quarter, guess I’ll just have to wait.  I’m bringing up my winemaking as I think about all the tours I give, talking about wine in those Lancaster caves.  I want to MAKE wine.  And not eventually.  RIGHT NOW.  Knowing my sister’s doing what I want to be doing, traveling as an artist/winemaker, shakes me directly, tells me to research, prepare for this harvest, which’ll be here before I can appreciate the time I had to Self-assemble.  One thing I want to research today: cooperage, French Oak vs. American Oak.  Lancaster uses exclusively French, which I think is brilliant considering the type of Cab and Cab-centered blends they want to create.  Also, I’m thinking the near-$1000 I have stashed [currently in bag, removed yesterday from closet for audit, while in car writing on 128’s side] may be used to buy some fruit.  Have to call my brother Kaz, see what he advises.  But either way, and most importantly, have to keep with the Self-education of winemaking.  The book Katie bought me, upstairs, and I can’t stomp up those aged steps, as Little London’s asleep.  If I woke him, there wouldn’t be much research or reading at all, only apologizing to the mini-Artist for disturbing his rest.

Another varietal with which I’m becoming evermore obsessed: Sauvignon Blanc.  And what about CS (Cabernet Sauvignon), Mikey?  I’m still a Cab lover, I’m just lately focused on the other two varietals on whoso’s tasting Room menu.  Actually, that’s one of the few ideas in which I’ve stayed consistent, wanting to only specialize in 3 varietals for my label.  So, tonight, buying a Sauv Blanc, price point under $30.  And, of course, Syrah, under $40.  Region, AVA?  I’ll stick to Sonoma County, as that’s what I want to represent as a winemaker.  And writer.