hocked AD

And the last straw, as much as I hate that overused reference, has been pulled, broken, tossed with technology.  I typed near 700-something words this afternoon, with some coffee here in house, and now it’s gone.  The entire spontaneous session.  If it were written in the Comp Book, I’d know just where to find it.  There are no Bermuda Triangles on those sheets.  And, if I typed it on a typewriter, same assurance.  I’m officially done with technology.  And, to be honest, the writing, from what I can recall, wasn’t anything momentous anyway.  I blame the laptop for that, as well.  Little intimacy, pushing buttons.  It was about how I’m drinking coffee, writing fast…  Going for a run, hope I don’t slow down, bla bla…  Same tired tone.  And frankly, the run itSelf provided more material than that routine session I lost.  This, not a blessing “in disguise.” Not a “blessing,” either.  Just a new propellent for me as a writer.  Less trust in these devilish devices; anything other than Self; the ink, paper.

I’m calming, a little.  Tired.  Tomorrow morning, writing in car, my little inlet.  Hoping to be parked in that removed side-bay by 8:15am.  But more than likely, I’ll clock-in by 8:30.  Tonight’s beer, the one gifted from Mom and Dad, more than adventurous in stance, stature.  Keep thinking about tomorrow’s progression.  Should provide quite a bit of material for book.  Speaking of the new manuscript dream, can’t remember if the lost session in question is for book or blog.  Thinking, blog.  In which case, “Don’t come back!” This new “Literary wine blog,” my last.  Sorry, reader.  Just in a rattlesnake’s attitude.  And it’s my fault.  Going against every idea I shared with my students while discussing Orwell’s ‘1984’, makes me sick.


11:42pm.  Before I’m gone, I want to do some ‘Ghost Adventures’ of my own.  But with wine.  Haunted wine blogging.  What’s wrong with that?  Think I may be on to something here.  Not sure I should put this idea on the blog, out in the world’s opportunistic stench film.  Well, whatever.  It’s out there.  No one else has my tenacity, my adventurous streak, and my passion for wine in odd settings.  These idiots I’m watching on the “Travel Channel” act so frightened, like they’re in such hazard.  My crew, would just sip whatever we had, walk around, and return-greet what greeted us, if it even exists.  I definitely have something here.  Just need to research haunted spots here in Wine’s “Country,” get some bottles together, and film.

Need to find which spots are haunted.  I met one of the family members at Vineyard 7&8, and he, Wes, said that cave was haunted.  But it’s not that big, and would get pretty boring, I’m sure, just roaming around.  It was quite fun, though, Mr. Wes‘ tour around that cave, and he was a greatly entertaining host anyway…  Actually, those caves were pretty sizable, so maybe that could work.  I’ll give him a call.  I want to shoot at a house, an old hotel, hospital, jail, something.  I’m still watching the show, and these meathead morons are pure humor.  Don’t get me mistaken, my show would be humorous, too.  We’d just be more enjoyable to watch, as we’d be sipping while searching for supernatural swindles.  Getting tired, with only 3 minutes left with April’s 20th.  I’ll be more alive with early AM pressure, promise.