Night winding down, sore from week’s running.  Nurse still at work.  I don’t know how she does it.  I need to work more, harder I realize.  So… challenging self to 1001 words a day.  FOREVER.  No matter what, no matter how busy I am or what gets in the way.

Photography pushing me forward, an old pic from the Dutcher Crossing days, when I went for my usual lunch walk and writing saunter and drops created a scene for me.  Just for me, I felt. I was captured and captive, composed, realized and meditative.

Nearing 22:00.  Emma with soccer tomorrow, me thinking about work and the winery clients I have, what this could, the possible growth, and me becoming more of an IT guy than a writer.  Being more reactive.  Write less, live more.  That whole thing.

Henry watching something and laughing with hysteric lisp.  “Henry, what are you watching?”

“NOTHING!” He insists.

I go over there and inspect and it’s Loony Tunes.  Of course.  Daffy making him laugh like a patient, Cuckoo’s Nest.

Yes, the average is well down.  But still respectable.  I’m writing every day, it’s clear.

1001 words a day.  A declaration.  Affirmation.  Motive.  Place…