14:22….  :29.

Tired from run.  5.31 miles and better pacing.  I’m getting back to my old running ways.

Had a long talk with myself during the run.  About gratitude, and controlling mood.  Mastery of Self and temperament, my own inner-ocean’s waves, gravitational pull one way or another.  Everything had to be gratitude-driven.


I am not letting anything change my mind.  Of course I’ll have “those days” from time to time, but I’m dealing with it through humor.  I have to.  Fuck, I’m 44….  Get over it.

Laugh at it, ALL.  This is all humor.  One person…. Muting them.  And one other as well.  Not out of anger, just choosing not to listen anymore.

Nurse teaching me SO much this morning, and still…. I honestly don’t know how I got along day to day without here.  Seriously.  No exaggeration.

Wrote the Nurse a long note.  I had to.  Appreciate and honor her… she is my angle (yes, angle, not angel even though she very much is) and sense of everything in life I told her.  And she is.

So thankful for this day, HER…. My most pronounced life lesson I think is gratitude.  It’s healthy, and makes me love life even more, honestly.