Talking to myself.  Trying to get settled in this new story, feeling a little overwhelmed.  Calming… notes to self.  Meeting with someone in a couple minutes should help.  Just get into the role, I tell myself.  Act, if you have to.  Like seriously, become an actor.  Play a role, and play it at Oscar-nominee level.

Nurse makes everything better, as she always does.

I am choosing happy and not letting some voices in, even though I did and am in a bit of recovery mode.

I’m not a survivor, I’m a FIGHTER.  And I will do just that, fight.

Choosing a new octave and act.  A new Road.  Running later, and sure I’ll have course-changing thoughts like I did yesterday.

More of myself into tech, in fact ALL of this new Mike Madigan.  Play around with things, see what happens I tell myself.  Mistakes are inevitable, and frankly fun.  So… jump in.  Hate the expression ‘fake it till you make it’, but…..

10:58, feeling more in the driver’s seat.  Feeling better after talking to my “personal board of directors” as I like to call them.  Much better.

Finishing coffee.  Want another.  Running again today.  5 is the goal.  Always be the minimum, otherwise why even launch?