Just thinking about my kids and have been, just them, since I left bed.  Henry still sleeping

and with a bit of a cough, poor bloke.  Emma up before anyone I believe and just hanging in her room.  Their mom gets them at 10:00 and that will be here quicker than anything.  Heading to Vacaville at 15:00 or 15:30, something like that.

A run, a haircut, carwash, move some money around…. Keep spending low.  But then I think of Cafe Noto and their lattes and how much I miss then and now with my new affinity for iced lattes wonder how theirs would taste.

Funny how people are…. In their spite, anger, bitterness and vindictiveness and sour bliss.  I can’t wrap my head around it.  But, like someone acknowledged yesterday about me, I am a fighter.

Words deployed.  Letters, poems, posts, entries and sketches and essays.

Happiness for my kids, and myself, the Nurse.  That is my theatre.  There will be no recorded loss on my card.

Quiet in the loft, but recognize this place needs to be cleaned today.  That creates noise in head.