Beyond inspired or motivated.  I’m deliciously stubborn.  I will get what I want, all for my kids, and that’s it.  Speaking to myself like I’m the Professor and student and learning from all thoughts.  Everything around me teaches… the postmodern promise is in everything, all things and people and rooms and conversations.

No need for the sweater I brought, not sure why I did now that I think about it.  Cooler today and I told the kids to bring sweaters, that must be why.

Sent someone a message, I’m on fire today.  Again.  Never felt this in prop tech, never to this degree, or even EVER.  That’s over, no sense replaying or reliving any of those days or interactions.  Topic next…..

The Nurse’s sweet words, reading them again and again and again and…. Why not.  Why not let yourself be happy?  Mental health, learning more about it through reading and self-education, meditation, other healthy practices.

My kids… they are the anchor.  That’s it.  Everything deconstructed to them – Does it serve them, does it feed them, does it improve their days.  That simple.