Packed and ready for drive to Vacaville.

On Zillow, coffee, looking for that dream house paradigm.  My passion and love for real estate and houses, ambience and architecture elevated dramatically after some things I read last night, some sites and blogs.  Starting in Petaluma….

One house, about 1.4.  I’d imagine selling the loft within 5 years, if not renting it.  Or, keeping it as an interim domicile… no need to decide now.

Mandatory meeting for SF team tomorrow.  Who knows what’s coming.  Ready for anything.  Excited if you want to know the truth, what’s going to be announced.  Keep the adventure coming, I nudge to the universe.

Another at 849k.  Not sure the style.  It probably says but using my own words like cozy modern, simple.  Fireplace close to the kitchen, like a bar-counter.  Room perfect for an office.. back patio, rather big, low elevation no railing.

Thoughts running away with me… putting things on spreadsheet that I started a few weeks ago…. Save it to later.  Looking at more houses.  No objective, just looking.  Enjoy being curious like my kids, just exploring, innocent and sans intention.