Had lunch at an Asian spot on the 300 block that I’ve always wanted to try.  After getting something at 2 Embarcadero.  Yes, for the Nurse.

Next meeting at 15:30 and I’m gone.

Deconstructing my attitude, demeanor.  How I feel and what I feel now.

Notes… and more notes.  From wine, to teaching, journaling, travel, relationships… I’m a bit of a mess right now, but in the best way.

Standing at my desk, not sure where SE Stan went.

No chance of writing tonight…. So… what I’m using Now for.

Conversation over Zoom tomorrow, 14:30 I believe.  Working from home.  Only way I can make the call.

Healdsburg, house hunting for fun with Jack last night, he and I joking about which house would be better for us.  All of course out of my price range, present and probably near or somewhat distant future, but who knows.

Only seeing the possibilities…. Positive thinking.  My kids happy.  BUILDING, progressing…. 14:31

Again thinking about going back to the classroom.  Am I out of my fucking mind?  Different approach, but stay in the ring, don’t dismiss it.



Call done and now I’m ready to leave. 


Went for a walk, four or so blocks just around 425 Cal.  Thinking about everything on the page now… from this sales story, to the kids.  The Nurse.  Me, my mental health with this commute, and other Roads.

Sounds of the city, down Montgomery then alone Pine I think, up Battery, left on Cal.  All the buildings and people and cars nearly hitting people, running reds and through the crosswalk.