Day of relax, as per.  Our tradition, Sunday is the chill day, however different now as tomorrow’s a holiday.  Beside myself in thought, possibility and happiness now after a day with the Nurse and the kids.  Seeing her with them.  More for the book, later…


No dinner plans.  Working out later.  Weights.  Setting aside time with Jack as he said he wants to work out more, lift weights and “build his muscles”.  Love that kid, I swear…. I love all my babies, but he as the first and my best friend, just no words.  He’s my best buddy over everything and everyone…. Again, not sure how to write it.

Beautiful on the Green, time a the park with the Nurse and kids, Emma playing her usual game of hiding with Henry, Jack installing his sister then his mini-bro.  The joy and emotion from that park visit, indescribable.

Being a dad.. I’m DAD to them.  They have expectation of me which are logically illogical.  I have all the answers, I can provide anything, I never error.  That mind, I remember, and still much have with my parents.  How to categorize, what I think go that, and me thinking that of them, then thinking of me thinking that of them.