Laundry already going.  08:19.  Was up well before seven, sleep broken from Henry’s coughing down the hall.  No worries.  Glad to be up early.

Espresso, groceries needed later.  Thinking of ways to fill the day with the kids.  Picnic, one idea, then one of my wine country drives that Jack likes.  It’ll go by quick, so I shouldn’t be stressing about it.  Or anything.  It’s a long weekend, time to collect and Compose.. new stories and moments, memories with my kids.

…..AGAIN.  Not giving it mind.  Actually, to be frank, I’m becoming exhausted with it.  So, putting attentions in other areas.  Closer to the loft, these streets.  Me and my projects, what I’m trying to do with this blog.

I don’t talk about it enough, Bottledaux.  Why.  What I want to do with it.. self-publishing and journaled efforts.  Capturing feelings and thoughts, dreams and what I want to do.

Feel like making myself breakfast… and taking up cooking.  I need a new something.  Something.  Thought about building and carpentry, making furniture but I’ve never done any of that shit before.  Then, brewing but I don’t want my hobby to be alcohol-related.  No specific reason, just don’t want that.