09:53 at desk, loft office.  Drive was beautiful, this time the 12 West exit of 80, through wine terrain, vines and all the visuals that continue to romance me, that I follow and return to.

Feeling invincible this morning.  I don’t see that changing.  Convinced something beautiful, amazing, story-shifting and pleasantly is going to happen.  And in this prop tech/Multifamily-verse, real estate and tech taking me to my vineyard home, Dry Creek or Alexander Valley, Kenwood…

On the drive, let go of stresses, right around the southern part of Kunde’s property is where I felt truly liberated.  Checking in on calendar now, still seeing the green, hanging clusters.  Not sure which blocks have been pulled.  This real estate and prop tech world so closely and anatomically synonymous with the vineyard, wine and tasting room consistencies.  Not just with the hospitality element, but….  I don’t know.

I credit the Nurse with this attitude.  Our last two nights and late today and tonight going to our favorite spot in Winters, a town I’d never heard of till I met her. The NEWNESS… holding to it, as writer and character.