Everything uploaded and saved, scribbled in this prop tech story.  Haven’t done anything

with the secured domain, bayareaproptech.  Starting with my story, my two accounts… Putting in a change order for client #2, Palo Alto property.  Oh well, as long as he’s happy, I just told my sales coordinator (SC).  I mean, I want RMR as much as the next sales speaker, but…. If the client is at peace, no stress, then I am only going to smile.

Send SC the opp’ link, change initiated.  Client messages me after I send him a note saying I got the approval and no ETF will be enforced.  He writes back, happy, and wanting to start another phase of the project, which I guess is locks.  Thought it was the “smart home” augment… oh well.

Seeing the sales story differently this morning.  Again crediting the Nurse, the drive as well.  Napa and Sonoma, all those vineyards and reminding me where I’m headed.

10:58.  Ugh, hungry and looking forward to the lunch she made, writing a cute message on the front of the bag.  She scribbled it in Sharpie last night, wouldn’t let me read till my morning leave.