Four days.  Shit… realized this morning the more I think the less I move.  All the receipts littering desk, logged and gone.  Shouldn’t be spending too much time on that, rather than writing or prospecting new business, I said to myself so I just bulldozed through them.  GONE.

Espresso, no Starbucks this morning.  Spending way too much money on lattes out… so, back to straight espresso.  Need all the energy to finish composing that Manteca quote, looking for video points and access readers….  I’ll start in a bit.  Collect first – character and attitude.

Moving money in a bit toward photog, not sure how much or frankly why.  Second-guessing myself again with photography and video production again, media.  WHY???  Why do I immediately go to the negative?  Like my attitude the other day and bit at the beginning of yesterday, in the morning before my presentation then I just stopped myself.

NO, no you don’t.  Not today.  RE-WRITE.

New draft, now, 09:07.  Putting phone down, not allowing myself to check any more messages.  Well, one more..   Done.  Nothing to tend to, more of the morning for ME.