New Devils Now

Convenient appeasement 

Beveled salver, humorous, visual but

Not what the visual communicates or conveys

Always talking and professing

Contagion conviction, and now I know

Dimming glow, still no stability

Domicile new but imbued in the putrid

Nothing disputed, I’m newly SELF-recruited 

And rooted, sign off on obvious truths from hidden booth

Narcissists love the convenient cloak of humility

Me charmed and not privy to a devil’s duplicity

Evicted, new place, devils can move their way in face

Be careful – mind their mind, their mindless orchestra of moment

Everything perfect, but solar system distance from

Knowing my REAL story, beginning when decided done.

The mathematics and calculations and recollections irrelevant

Like you, I’m only concerned with one.

Shocker, another clay-brained, hasty-witted, sewer-sucking DEVIL …