5-26-23 —> ….. 07:11… breakfast for kids done.  Or, Jack.  Emma insists on her school breakfast. 

Lunches made, and I feel re-made and meant after yesterday.  So… big kids to school then back here for Composition, the sales story and other.  Fitting in a run, no fail and no talking my bloody self run today.  5k, that’s the distance demand.

Calm with this espresso, nothing bothering me.  No emotion and not in a removed or avoidance position.  Inviting everything, no matter what and no matter who says what.  

Three days before 44.  My friend Chris, his birth today.  And someone else, but they are mentioned none.  I’ll note in the book why…

…devilishness.  I knew it, but with head in sand there was comfort. 

I’m still a little hurt and angry to be candid with you, but I’m letting it go.  Why focus on that… now I’m GLOBALLY single, with a globe of opportunity and conversations in front of me.  Haven’t been single like this, well, ever…

So, with this new Mike Madigan manuscript, Happiness is the aim.  Business plan on the mask from the thickest of covid reality, Drink Coffee Write Books Be Happy.  That simple.  Why complicate anything.. why think about anything that doesn’t contribute to composition and the composition of that HAPPINESS?