Literary lunch today, needed.  Get ahead of everything, prep for work tonight.  Bottledaux is

leaving the ground today, on a number of levels.. build, specific architectural points.  Presentation and Composition.

The end-aim of the vineyard is again in place.  I’m leaving the industry entirely, only a consumer at this point.  Informed consumer maybe, yes, but still just a lover of wine.  Last night having some Pinot at dinner I’ve never had. From the Petaluma Gap and had my wined story again alive and reciting to myself and others around me, Nichole and these other friends.

Write more… finish book, more pictures.  The kids, buildings, houses, vineyards, ANYTHING.  More journals, more notes… the pens and journals themselves, this 8th floor office and the view from the conference room.  Mind a super-volcano today.  Grateful, a gratitude that is universal and sweeping.

11:46 unmotivated, bored with what I’m doing.  All this LinkedIn shit.  Getting my bag and laptop and heading to Starbucks in a bit.  Thought about waiting till one, but no.  No wait.  Just go now I tell myself. Get down there and write everything that passes through your head.  Everything… Pinot from last night, my next run…