Emma and Henry still asleep.  All of us tired from our day yesterday, especially Jack I would think

but he was up at 5-something, just before six.  I don’t get it.

Quiet espresso to self this Mother’s Day in the nook.  No lights.  Just me, quiet, and again noticing myself going over texts and occurrences, conversations and … just letting it go.  Moving on and into today.  Mother’s Day.

Mama Sue in Oregon with Dad, leaving me with over 8 hours to produce something.  1, clean this house and hit the laundry like the Ukrainians do the Russian legions charging their cities and villages.  Not sure I have energy for a run or that Marin hike.  Actually, definitely not.

Friend of mine actually wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, on Mexican Mother’s Day, in the spirit of me being a single dad as when I have the kids I play both roles, she said.  Nice of her, of course, but I told her I don’t deserve the kind of praise.  Still though, I read the text a couple times now and then.

Loft different this morning, and I think because I’m writing sans bulbs.  Should do this more, definitely.