Started putting together a book.  Again….  Starting with addressing me and my age, that I’m getting old.  Wondering if Jack and Emma and Henry see me as old.  Maybe they do, but don’t say anything.  Been in my mind lately, how old do they see me? They know my number, and that I’m turning 4-fucking-4 in a few days, but their perception, the entirety of it…

Breakfast done, then baths and shower before their mom picks up.

Budget reminders on calendar and a couple business ones pop up.  Click “Snooze”, one associated errand today.  Almost forgot.

Warm in here, still…. Give the littlest 5 minute call for bath.  Jack still with his breakfast ask him to come up and shower after he’s done.  Set the wheels, keep them oiled, motion always forward I tell myself with this single dad book.

Coffee, again, sipped.