EOD.  Already.

Dinner done, looking at pics popping up in my Facebook memories, from the President’s Club trip to Maui.  I remember setting that aim in front of this new Mike Madigan, and he captured it.  On the plane to when this picture was taken, this one I found that I tonight keep looking at – LOVE.

In everything I do, especially with this new Stoic attitude.  Not reacting.  Not letting any voice find division anywhere in my character.  There is none, anymore.

Know where I’m going, I know where I am.  Travels ahead… Yellowstone first.  Couple thousand put to side.  Not sure what that’ll pay for.  Depends on how long I want to stay…. What do you say, maybe, four days?  Not counting arrival and departing.

Yeah.  Okay.  So then I have a ways to do.

Found hotel, I think.  When there what I do, the plan or itinerary, that’s where I’m weak.  No idea.  I’ll just ask whomever.

Tired, looking forward to bed. Think I still feel yesterday, walking all day and being in that heat.  Not looking forward to the goddamn drive to SF… why am I thinking about that now.  Thievery and Emancipator making me forget…