Something about me is VERY much different today, that’s certain.  The sales story, seeing it completely different and surprisingly it was the Multifamily Collaboration call this morning over Teams that sparked this shift in attitude and sight.  Nothing distracting me right now, nothing, not even all this clutter and paper and the charging cords to my left atop the journals.

9:42, covered more than I expected.  Thinking, do I take myself out to lunch today or tomorrow.  TOMORROW, have today be a no-spend except for the grocery run for dinner, kids.  Finishing coffee, one more cup after this then freely writing, trapping all thoughts as they walk but like these Windsor students by my office window heading toward Bell Road.

Do I leave the wine world, the Orin Swift room, or stay.  Just milk it till the assignment’s up in, what, September?  I don’t know, trying not to think about it.  Pretending I’m completely singular but truth is the wine world is hard to leave.  All the stories, all the people I’ve met… so much of my life and family.

“I’m so, so, so fucking grateful.” Just caught myself saying this aloud, quietly while putting something int he little envelop holder on the bookshelf, or credenza I guess it is technically.  And I am…. Something arriving a couple weeks ago that will change EVERYTHING.

Focusing more on photog, because of it… looking at an older shot right now, wine-themed, you probably aren’t surprised.  So then maybe I’m not leaving the wine story.  Why would I?  It’s easy, enjoyable, colorful and as a writer and all the stories… yeah what the fuck am I talking about when I mention leaving? Am I demented in some way?  Probably.  I’m a writer, and a Beat at that.

Staring, vineyard, love.  Found.