13:31…..  The tasting room.  I’m thinking about it the wrong way today and I don’t know why.  Not with any harshness or malice, or bitterness or anything like that.  What I don’t know, deconstructing itself, this inner-inquiry to a ‘do I stay or do I go’ row.  Staying for now.  Don’t miss out on the money and material.  It answers itself.  So why do I keep having this discussion.

Thinking of going to the store now, just getting it over with.  I will, right after 2.  Facebook memories, more and more I think they should be their own project.  Well, honestly, they could be a book or line of books and blogs and businesses.  One picture, oh my god…. Jack and Henry, two years ago.  When Henry had his baths in that plastic baby tub we’d put on the Jack & Jill bathroom counter.

Forever ago.  Another time and life and conversation, feel.

Emotions, trying to distance myself from them but impossible with this character.  Certain matters, emotion extracted.  And others, writing them so they’re immortal.

All from the journal, all from my life.  Now a single dad, figuring it out as I go.  Am I to be faulted or cited, lashed for writing that?  It’s the truth.