Standing at desk.  Only one in office. 

And I’m fine with the quiet, with the void of voices and sound, calls and conversations.  Got to office a little late but great call with direct-report.  All stress from the drive and being tight on time, gone.

Not yet in a mode of prospecting and reaching out to anyone.  Not yet.  I know I need to be, but give me a second…

Last night while nook writing I had the idea of a day summary… in points, bullets if you would.  Not so much prose, but the “highlights”? Much I dislike that word, but yes.  Standing and thinking.  How to simplify this…. Charging phone, will make some calls in a second.

I promise, soon a phone is sufficiently charged.  Same approach I thought of the other day with real estate and tech, but just a touch more music to it.  Personality.  The call this morning with Sean has me energized and alive, as I said I would start 2023 – Fearless and Grateful.

Dad last night talking business with me, moving money and trapping certain silos I guess you’d say.  Inventorying the day….