Drive through Sonoma Valley before landing in Skyhawk for a meeting.  Significant moves with my partners, everything going forward locked and protected.  FOR THE BABIES.

Celebrate with a Zin, notes to self, plans for tomorrow and more with the MAP, thanks to some assistance.

Too many distractions.  Have to quit them, ALL.  The Zin, made by my sister speaking to me in a more verse-laced pace.  More music, the only truth.  Should have written my uncle today, but oh well…

Not as much investment in certain stories.  So start again.

The vineyard eventual…. See it but need these cheaters, even with imagination.  The one my kids and I will wake to.

Where did today go—  Time just a mist and fist hitting me with realization and forcing acceptance and I can only accept.  It’ll just keep moving.

Solution, part of it, CARELESSNESS.

Madness.  The Kerouac lap.

Look at glass and it’s empty, the drive through Marin tomorrow, the landing in SF… friends messaging me…. I care too much.

I let too much get to me, connect and land.  Well, till recently.  I’m not reacting… I’m putting to page the minutes behind.  Maybe it doesn’t make sense, but I’m finding the solution to writing, maybe not the solution, but a useful way with this practice is to NOT think.

Thought about some Thievery paired with my sister’s bottle, but no.  Quiet.  In this nook where I used to so often write in the morning when it all started.

Can I say that?  Who knows… Thievery, reminding me of when I taught at Napa Valley College.  So long ago but not.

Time just confuses me, frustrates, but then motivates.  Watching the kids get bigger, say more, make demands and proclamations… Dad and I having another quick meeting.  21:31

Only gratitude.