Letting the story come to me.  Not forcing anything. 

Happy in such approach.  No resistance, no aggression, but rather acceptance.

After a light lunch and quick espresso, I’m still smiling.  May run an errand in a bit but haven’t decided.  The story itself is beautiful.  Nothing to wish for, or change.

Still though, looking for Newness…. Yellowstone, the first severe step.

Bored, nothing happening in Sales Story, decide to reach out to more people, write more LETTERS.

Someone telling me yesterday they loved my words… why have I not done this more?

Real estate and technology…. where I find myself.  From Internet connectivity and telecom, then wine and adjunct instruct before that.  Keep it that simple.  Let the SE and other departments deal intimately with the tech…

Sending notes and messages, to the city early tomorrow.  While splashing water to face a couple times after lunch, I thought about the commute and what brought me to this company.  The story itself… what was happening at the past company and no new fiber paths being built for us AE’s….  nothing forced, the story came to me.

Thankful it did.  ‘Cause only now, I feel, the story’s really leaving its runway.