Told Jack he needs to log off in 10.

Emma pretending she’s working and drives a Tesla, Henry is her child and brining him to work.

Lost track of how much espresso I’ve had.

No spending day, today.  Not sure that’ll happen, but what I’m hoping for.

Checking on the MAP, move more for Yellowstone.

Emma takes Henry out on the loft deck, praising how nice it is outside today.


Winding down day, laundry done, lunches made… Henry in the kitchen with me watching some singing carton, “Wheels on the bus go….”

Starting to tire.  week ahead, ending out proposal tomorrow.  Relationships a topic of immediate address and concern – solitude and freedom is the answer.  Going to Yellowstone, AND New Orleans by myself – with NO devil.  Take that as you will.

Want visuals and footage, for projects, CONTENT as people call it, build and and create and disseminate.  BUILD, for the kids.

Coffee set, lunches made, laundry done.  What else do I do, but find other places to travel to.


Reading notes from 2018, a tasting I did at Chalk Hill at like fucking 9 in the morning, and against my intention – the Sonoma County blend, I wrote, “Winding down, Sunriver or Oregon coast, detached, relaxed, FREE. Finally.