09:52 expenses done, used company credit card for the first time.  Set a meeting for tomorrow.  Laptop moving slow.  Didn’t post to blog yesterday and at first, especially earlier this morning when I woke at like 2 something and couldn’t go back to sleep, it bothered me.  Now, not so much.  Starting a new streak today.

Just putting it out there, 3000 words for the day, or more.  Anything from wine to relationships, to the Yellowstone trip and New Orleans trip after… to Stoic philosophy which today I am very much connecting to the ideas and practices of it.

I’m in a place of Composition this morning, sipping coffee after the espresso, listening to the heater as I always do, waiting on nothing.  Making the occurrences I want to materialize do just that in this room.  This loft office.

Journal receipts everyday, I tell myself, so I don’t fall so sluggishly behind as I did.  Speaking of sluggish, this goddamn laptop is moving slower than slow—  Write new Daily [Routine].

Starting a new doc for it, I don’t care…

The peace I’m feeling is distracting, the gratitude for this condo and Windsor again, this office.