Went over 1001 word quota.  Oh well.  18 minutes left.  Will post in a minute.  Think I finished the article at 1022 words.  Oh well… some of Sedaris’ articles or essays I mean are like 15 pages.  Yes, I know… don’t compare yourself to the master.  Agreed… just what I’m thinking about.

My mood is in space, higher than it’s been all day.  Giving self seven more minutes then I start posting.  Seriously, I think I found something in this sitting… didn’t take myself out to lunch and spend some ridiculous amount on a half-sandwich and soup.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Mendo Farms, but goddamn….  

Grateful to the Mike Madigan of about an hour ago that made himself come here.  Really, I praise myself at this small circular Starbucks table.

Literary lunch – haven’t had one like this in fucking YEARS.  San Francisco absolutely loving Mike Madigan today… the drive back to Windsor, thinking of listening to a podcast rather than music.  If I can make myself break habits and work on my lunch, forming over 1100 words or whatever, I can listen to a podcast….

Writing rules (and I’m going to make a list, an official one, I promise):

Don’t think, just write.

Singular ideas, or no ideas.  Think ‘you’, ‘the room’, ‘bananas’, ‘scissors’…

Relax, who cares.

Freedom…. Build it.

Talk to yourself.

HUMOR.. this is all fucking funny.