Walking here, across Sansome to this 200 block, looking down the street and connection with SF like I never have.  What was it that stopping me, what was it that caught me… the day.  The act that I was following through on a decision to come here.  Write my day’s amount, or at least what I can, and head back.  Not work, but acknowledging the day.  Know where I am.

Loud guy ordering a drink, me feeling tired then taking a sip and the bit of sleepiness goes away.  Don’t you fucking stop typing, I say to myself.  But then I have to, to look outside, realize more of where I am.  Not sure if this is mindfulness or mediation, but I feel something today int he city.

No fixating, go from thought to thought.  The business of ME.  Not work, but LIVING.  Loving where I am and no matter what degree of challenge, I’m here.  Keeping the kids immediate in realization and recollection.  The three of them this morning, tired but bringing themselves to awake state, ready for school.  Eating their little breakfasts, watching a quick cartoon, then away.  A little behind schedule but we didn’t let it bother us.