Brought myself to Starbucks on California & Battery again. 

My second straight literary lunch.  Tired, not sure I’m hitting yesterday’s word count.  Not trying for anything specific.  Today, the word rattling me is DECISION, and DECIDING.  Deciding to do something.  That simple of an act and reality.  Deciding o write, deciding to go to bed earlier, wake earlier, drive home a different way maybe, leave a certain situation.

My third Starbucks today.  Not sure I’ve ever done that.  Can’t shake the tired feeling… trying to with distraction, thoughts of my vineyard and photography and how my friend Shannon’s mother recommended I do family photog as a side gig.  Maybe, I thought.  Definitely need a new camera for that idea, not sure when I’ll be able to budget that.

Coffee hot, not sipping fast at all even though I’d just assume chug it.  This exhaustion is compromising.  How will I make it till 4:30?

Easy, just decide to…

Yes, it’s that easy.  Starting a document for a MAP-associated project with some recently monies, and… stopping there.  No elaboration.

40 of the 45 minters left in today’s LL.  Sonoma County calling me, in a number of ways but mostly wine and the wine world…